Every policy and every peril is influenced by location. Discover how location intelligence empowers insurance professionals to understand and manage risks across the organization – before, during, and after an event.

Location impacts risk assessment, quotes, claims and client networks. Successful insurance companies go beyond static figures and spreadsheets to get insight into an area's opportunities and risks. Use maps and spatial analytics to improve marketing campaigns, distribution and customer service.

Discover how location intelligence can transform your enterprise. 

Health Facilities & Services Finder App

This application allows policy holder to easily see

all the health facilities and specialist services 

registered by the insurer.

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Garage Finder App

This application allows a policy holder to locate a garage nearest to the scene of the accident and identify which of the preferred services they require after which they can easily select, call and access the services.

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     Accident Reporter App


This app is designed to help policy holders report accident immediately it happens 

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