• Spatial Planning
    for Counties Seminar
    14 August, 2018 | Regional Centre for Mapping
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County Governments face numerous challenges in their operations. These include up to date spatial plans, pressure on existing amenities, uncontrolled developments and pressure on service delivery among other challenges, the introduction of the county government act mandates every county government to have an up to date spatial database for county planning. Geographic Information System (GIS) technology can enable planners to research, develop, implement, and monitor the progress of their plans. It also provides planners, surveyors, and engineers with the tools they need to design and map their neighborhoods and cities. Planners have the technical expertise and fiscal understanding to transform a vision of tomorrow into a strategic action plan for today, and GIS facilitates this decision-making process.


"Effective planning for our current and future generations"

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Seminar Program

Why should you attend?

Understand how GIS can enable county planners to:

  • Develop a county baseline spatial database
  • Review and analysis of GIS based plans for development.
  • Checks on regulatory compliance.
  • Review and analysis developments on environmental impact.
  • Preservation of protected sites.
  • Carry out regional planning beyond the borders of a city or town.
  • Map the delivery of utilities and planning for service interruptions.

Who should attend?

  • Chief Officers in charge of lands/planning,
  • Directors and Managers in charge of planning, GIS, housing, public works, ICT
  • Other key players in the County Governments

Attendees to this seminar will also have an opportunity to network with peers, discover emerging trends in other counties and gain useful insights from technology and industry experts.

How to participate in the seminar

Participation in the Spatial Planning for Counties is free-of-charge and is by invitation only. However, participants should make arrangements to cater for their travel and accommodation while attending the seminar.

Kindly register to express interest in participating in the seminar as soon as possible but not later than 13th August, 2018.


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