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Planners Embrace the Science of Where for Smart Planning

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The signing ceremony was done at the Esri Eastern Africa Offices by the Managing Director, Esri Eastern Africa Mr. Judah arap Bett and Chairman- Town and County Planners Association of Kenya Mr. Mairura Omwenga

Also present from Esri Eastern Africa at the signing were Senior Manager Sales, Mr. Samuel Kimani, Senior Manager Technical, Mr.  Clifford Okembo, Account Manager, local government, Ms. Miriam Mabeya, Solution Engineer, Ms. Evelyn Lelei. Also present from TCPAK, Ms. Irene Keino (MD, Eco Plan). 


Speaking at the signing Mr. Mairura noted that affordable housing which is one of the pillars of the governments Big 4 agenda will take place in towns hence the need for smart planning. There has also been an urgent need for counties to adopt and implement spatial plans.

Judah Bett confirmed Esri’s commitment to smart planning through provision of the latest Esri technology as well as experts with global experience in smart city planning.

MoU will be operational for a period of one year.

About Esri Eastern Africa

Esri Eastern Africa is a professional geospatial solutions company which inspires, educates and enables our customers with working GIS solutions in partnership with world leading geo-technologies from Esri Inc., Trimble, Harris Corporation and Airbus.

About Town and County Planners Association of Kenya (TCPAK)

TCPAK is a corporate body comprising town, county, and country planners, and/or urban and regional planners and/or physical planners, promotes professional development, education, public awareness, sustainable development and the protection and conservation of the built and natural environment are seeking to promote smart and sustainable planning and development with the integration of geospatial information and technology for Towns and Counties

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