The first ever Ethiopia User Group Conference will be held in Addis Ababa.

The conference brings together Esri software users from across Ethiopia to share their experiences and learn the latest in Esri technology.  

Events featured :

  • Opening Plenary with Esri EA Keynote Presentations
  • User Presentations and Technology Sessions
Who Should attend
  • GIS Managers
  • GIS Officers/Analysts
  • Technical Officers
  • Managing Directors
Why should you attend
  • Discover new features and powerful capabilities available with your Esri software through your software entitlements that you may not know you already have.
  • Meet Esri EA staff that can help you with some of your biggest needs, anything from solution implementation to app creation to big data.
  • Attend technology sessions tailored to address some of your organization’s biggest challenges.
  • Learn directly from Esri Eastern Africa how the technology has evolved over the past year and what’s in store.
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