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Incorporating the unparalleled research and instructional platform in pedagogy

ArcGIS technology provides the education community with tools to develop a greater understanding of our world through geospatial data analysis. With ArcGIS, students and faculty can integrate and evaluate data from many sources to develop new theories and knowledge. This helps prepare students to meet the demands of the twenty-first-century workforce, whether they are involved in science, government, or business. Esri Eastern Africa is committed supporting universities and other higher education institutions to use ArcGIS technology to support teaching, research and administration.


GIS can be integrated to support instruction, discussion and extended learning on any topic because it is a learning platform for conceptual modeling. When students are taught using GIS, no matter which field they are studying, they develop analytical, technical and critical thinking skills. These are highly employable skills, but more importantly, the spatial thinking skills deepen the students understanding of their communities and the world at large.



Nearly all phenomena happen in the context of a geographical location on the face of the earth, and therefore geospatial analysis leads to better understanding of these phenomena. As a result students and faculty across hundreds of academic disciplines are using GIS for analysis to spatially enable their research gaining useful insights into their research problem. GIS also supports collaborative research by providing online platforms for data sharing and results dissemination.


The university management is responsible for administration and planning which among other responsibilities includes:
  • • Space (lecture, office, lab, hostel) allocation
  • Planning and managing Facilities and estates management & green spaces
  • Management of water, ICT and electricity networks
  • Management of water, ICT cabling, internet and electricity networks
  • Security management
  • Disaster preparedness and management
GIS is a must have technology in the effective and efficient discharge of these responsibilities.