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Improving accountability, public services and community engagement

National Mapping Agencies (NMAs) are bestowed with authority on sole creation and distribution of maps to both the government and public sectors. They supply clients with data and information that assist decision makers in various organizations plan their activities and projects. The NMAs are in continuous production to meet the never ending demand. With Esri’s technologies, NMA’s are in a position to efficiently produce and maintain mapping databases and publication-quality map products. Data and map production can be streamlined, enabling mapping organizations to do more with fewer resources.


Esri Production mapping is key to quality and valuable voluminous geospatial output of specified and scheduled GIS data, and maps. It ensures centralization of operations, meeting of exact standards and on demand product generation. This possibility is due to its features that include:


With the ArcGIS platform, mapping agencies and production departments can build their databases from multiple sources and formats. This ensures your data conforms to your business rules via central storage of data model information, data validation rules and task based workflows for consistency. You can share maps, charts, atlases, data, and web services more easily and efficiently in the formats needed. By providing authoritative data, those consuming it can visualize and analyze geographic information, making more informed decisions


Charting increases aeronautical chart production efficiency by helping generate and manage charts from a central, database-driven system. The ArcGIS platform helps you to easily produce aeronautical charts to your cartographic specification using automated software tools and preconfigured aviation symbols. It also improves your data quality by automating data update and quality control workflows.


National statistics organizations face challenges in their quest to collect data periodically and avail it to government, private and public organizations and the general public to aid in planning and decision making. ArcGIS can be used in preparation and planning, data collection, entry and editing, dissemination and documentation. The ArcGIS platform provides an extraordinary ability to manage, analyze and visualize demographics of a given area of interest to show patterns, trends and relationships for effective decision making. Web GIS provides an interactive platform to disseminate and share the data.