Survey 123 for ArcGIS


A Geospatial aware Smart form with for smart decision making. Survey 123 for ArcGIS mobile App is available free for download on Android, iOS and Microsoft. Use your ArcGIS online to upload and update new and existing form centric data on your webmap. Available as a Web App and a Mobile App.



See all your survey on the web and create new surveys using the web App without leaving your browser.


Tailor make your Survey Form using Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS Desktop Application. The desktop Application is loaded with more functionality and you test your Survey as you build it.

Use Normal Excel XLS form to Customize your Survey Questionnaires inserting fields for capturing, Feature Photos, digital signature and uploading existing document files.



Simulated Mobile App on the Desktop to test the Survey Form before it is used on the phone.


This capability allow custom made form to be tested on the desktop and the feel and look adjusted accordingly.


Collecting survey data with the Form centric questionnaire is easy and using the collect tab. Collected data is stored in the draft folder when working offline, in the outbox folder when sent and in the inbox for the exiting survey data.


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Case Study 1

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics

A customized Survey123 for ArcGIS Census form was used for piloting the census drive in preparation for 2019 National census exercise. Read More (to put a link)