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Make the most of your Esri ArcGIS investment by taking advantage of the Maintenance Program – designed to make sure that you continue to get maximum value from your organization’s investment in Esri products. Esri EA provides maintenance for the first 12 months as part of your initial software purchase. Software maintenance ensures that your software is always convenient and up to date and offers numerous entitlements and benefits that ensure productivity is optimized:


Renewing your maintenance now assures that you will be able to take advantage of all of the new capabilities of ArcGIS Desktop 10.5, which includes ArcGIS Pro, Esri's next-generation 64-bit desktop GIS application for creating and working with 2D and 3D spatial data. 

What you get

Software Entitlement - As part of a maintenance subscription, you receive an ArcGIS Online subscription and ArcGIS Pro at no additional cost. The number of named users for ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro will be equal to the total number of ArcGIS for Desktop licenses current on maintenance.

Software Updates and Technical Support – Receive the latest version of your ArcGIS software as soon as it is issued, following the date of your maintenance purchase. Esri EA provides a quality support service that includes installation, configuration, trouble shooting and license reset.

Complimentary Passes to our User Conferences

The maintenance program entitles participating Esri EA customers free admission fees to our annual regional and international conferences including the Esri EA User Conference depending on products licensed.

E-Learning for your organization and Esri Publications

Esri is committed to helping your organization achieve maximum value from the ArcGIS platform through unlimited access to self-paced e-learning resources on Esri’s new training website. Your organization receives online automatic subscription to periodic Esri publications and newsletters.

Technical Knowledge Transfer and GIS Audit Services – Customers with qualifying Esri products on maintenance subscription receive a technology transfer session to acquaint them with ‘What’s New’ with each software release. A GIS Audit Service helps to identify the GIS requirements, process and workflow inadequacy, software or hardware configurations that will ensure you get maximum value from your GIS investment.

Learn more on the full range of benefits through Maintenance Flyer.

To start or renew your Maintenance Program subscription, call Esri EA Customer Service at (254) 712 -110-442, or email customercare@esriea.co.ke to request a quote for renewal.