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Interactive Data Exploration

Discover Insights for ArcGIS, a new app that encourages interactive spatial data exploration. You will experience drag-and-drop analytics and the ability to add data from any source.


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Real-Time Data and the Internet of Things

Connect to streaming data from as many sources and devices as you need to with ArcGIS GeoEvent Server. Now you can monitor, filter, analyze, and save events as they happen. This could be your doorway to the Internet of Things.

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Accelerated Analytics with Distributed Computing

Reduce processing time from days to minutes to perform complex space-time analyses on very large datasets using the new ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server and ArcGIS Image Server. Perform large batch and raster analytics in single-machine and distributed computing environments.

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Collaboration Across the Enterprise

Portal collaboration makes it easy to share maps, apps, and content securely between multiple ArcGIS Enterprise deployments. Now you can distribute enterprise content among the home office, other departments, and remote offices.

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