• ENVI combines advanced image processing and proven
    geospatial technology to help you extract meaningful
    information from all kinds of data and make better decisions.

IDL : Customize and Extend the ENVI Platform

The IDL development language is used to customize and extend all products in the ENVI Platform. This powerful capability allows you to incorporate custom algorithms, workflows, and more into your analysis.

IDL works seamlessly with ENVI and ENVI LiDAR to provide you with all the tools necessary to customize and extend analysis capabilities with ENVI library routines, custom file readers and writers, batch mode programs and user functions thus no need to write code from scratch.

Integration with Other Applications

IDL is a flexible and extensible visualization, analysis, and development environment that easily integrates with the other software tools you use. IDL provides a host of ways to import code and functionality from other programming languages and advanced methods for exporting IDL capabilities to your applications written in other languages.




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