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GEONIS framework offers our East African utilities customers solutions built for the desktop, server and web platforms providing professional analysis of geographic information, publishing of map products and web mapping capabilities. The solution is based on ArcGIS technology and provides a standard data model for electric, water and sewer network with the possibilities of adding local models to the standard one.

Electric Utilities

Energy supply security and sustainability are central prerequisites for stable societies and a robust economy. GIS industry solutions provide a solid foundation for achieving these goals, from data capture and management to planning and maintenance of trenches, cable, pipe and conduit networks, from supply and distribution stations through to the end user. GEONIS offers energy suppliers process-oriented solutions for comprehensive management of their network infrastructure. The usage areas include electricity transmission and distribution, as well as networks for cable for telecommunications. The basic functionality of GEONIS is complemented and enriched by specific solutions for circuit management, material management, network calculation and outage management.


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