• GIS for Local Government
    21-24 February, 2020
    Esri Eastern Africa Training Centre
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A key goal of local government is to provide quality service to its citizens in the most cost-efficient manner possible. There are many things government can do to accomplish a noble goal such as this, and one is in the area of geospatial data and technologies. Local Governments deal with complex layers of information, most of which includes the variable of “location” at its core. With this in mind, a GIS (Geographical Information System) lends itself naturally as the premier technology for managing and disseminating this location-based information.

Training Objective 

To impart knowledge on the application of GIS as a multipurpose, integrated system that will serve the needs of a variety of Local Government users.

Training Outcome

At the end of the training the trainee should be able to

  • Understand the Basics of GIS and its application in Local Government.
  • Understand how deployment of centralized GIS database and data migration can be accomplished.
  • Create maps and configure apps that meet Local Government’s needs.
  • Create sustainable workflows for everyday tasks using the Local Government Information Model.
  • Share information across different departments within the Local Government.



Who Should attend

Employees of the county government such as GIS technicians, GIS Analysts, Surveyors,Planners etc.

Training Content

  • Introduction to GIS.
  • Spatial data management for local government.
  • Land Use planning.
  • Mobile data collection.
  • Tax mapping.
  • Spatial Analysis.
  • Community Engagement.

    Delivery Method 

The training is hands-on, and it will include: Presentations, discussions, software demonstrations, Exercises and lesson reviews. The training will be facilitated by Esri’s certified instructor.

         Training Cost:

         KES 71,688  per person

             inclusive of 16% VAT

Training cost covers for training material, Lunch, refreshments and certificate of completion.