• GIS for Urban and
    Regional Planning
    25-28 March, 2019
    Esri Eastern Africa Training Centre
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Urban planning is one of the main applications of GIS.  Urban planners use GIS both as a spatial database and as an analysis and modelling tool. The applications of GIS vary according to the different stages, levels, sectors, and functions of urban planning.

With the increase in user- friendliness and functions of GIS software, it is increasingly becoming an important component of planning support systems.


This course introduces Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Urban Planning professionals, carrying out analysis, modelling and spatial design.

As a practical course, the focus is to impart and enhance their analytical skills using GIS analytical tools for presentation, communication and decision making which forms the bedrock of Urban planning as a profession.


The objectives of this course are to:

  • Provide planning professionals with a full understanding of GIS concepts and principles and how it can be used for Urban planning
  • Undertake Field data collection for urban Planning with GIS
  • Data management and synthesis
  • Utilize GIS to identify and map trends, patterns and problems within the planning sector
  • Perform various analysis and modelling to aid decision making in urban planning context.
  • Disseminate information to internal and external stakeholders

        Training Cost:


          USD 300 per person

              (VAT exclusive)