• GIS for Water
    Utilities Training
    21- 24 April, 2020
    Esri Eastern Africa Training Centre
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GIS for Water Utilities

Water Utilities companies are increasingly making use of technology to support the complex business needs that encompasses business operations and maintenance, network planning, business growth and development, workforce and resource management. GIS for Water Utilities Course will help the participant learn how to take advantage of GIS as a tool to efficiently manage water utility assets by deploying, implementing and maintaining an organization wide Enterprise GIS that integrates with other business systems while consuming data services from a single authoritative source thus improving productivity and reducing overall running cost.


The course covers recommended workflows and focused GIS solutions that will help your organization efficiently manage water utility assets, streamline field data collection, and deliver better customer service. 

Who can attend

A 4-day course is designed for employees of water utilities companies ranging from Managers, Supervisors and Field Crews, Data Editors, GIS Analysts, GIS Technical Leads.





The objectives of this course are to:
  • Understand the Basics of GIS and its application in Water Utilities.
  • Learn how to deploy, manage and maintain water utility assets.
  • Learn how to manage field operators using ArcGIS
  • .Learn how to engage stakeholders in all aspects of water utilities operations
  • Sharing relevant information products within the platform

        Training Cost:

 USD 696 or KES 71,688 per person

             inclusive of 16% VAT

Training cost covers for training material, Lunch, refreshments and certificate of completion.