• Map Like a Pro
    6-10 May, 2019
    Esri Eastern Africa Training Centre
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ArcGIS Pro has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of modern computing, speeding up the time it takes to complete tasks and analysis. This 5-day course will help existing users unlock the potential of ArcGIS Pro, and benefit from the improved workflows. You will learn how to create ArcGIS projects, conduct geoprocessing and analysis, and discover all the benefits of integrated 3D capabilities – so you can turn your data into three-dimensional web scenes, and publish that content to the web.

What skills will I learn?
After training you will be able to;

  •  Combine data from different sources to create accurate, informative maps.
  • Organize, create, and edit geographic data to keep it accurate and up to date.
  • Symbolize map features to support 2D and 3D visualization.
  • Design an attractive page layout for maps that will be printed.
  • Analyze GIS data to solve spatial problems and create new information.
  • Share maps, analysis results, and geoprocessing models so they are easily accessible to colleagues, decision makers, or the public.


  • Getting started with ArcGIS Pro
  • Creating geodatabase data
  • Working with spatial reference
  • Using Model Builder for data conversion
  • Visualizing data ▪ Adding text to map
  • Creating map features from tabular data
  • Relating tabular data
  • Creating new features