Apps for the Community

Apps for the community

Engage your audience

Governments, NGOs, businesses and media outlets need more effective ways to communicate with audiences. Whether to reach the general public or particular stakeholders, ArcGIS Apps for the Community let you do this, and more.

Share information and stories

Work with 30+ different configurable app templates and the powerful storytelling capabilities in Esri Story Maps. Create map-based apps that can be used inside your organisa0tion, embedded on websites, or shared with the public. These apps enable you to:

  • Engage your community
  • Showcase plans, projects, infrastructure
  • Communicate with clients
  • Crowdsource community observations and input
  • Educate decision makers
  • Motivate your supporters

Innovate and take
collaborative action

Empower your audience with data, maps, and apps they can use to create new information products and take new actions to benefit communities. This is the space where governments, NGOs, start-ups, businesses and the public cooperate to create forward-thinking, problem-solving apps.

Connect people to data

Everyone benefits from being able to find authoritative information via open data portals when they need it – the public, media, academics, start-ups, employees. Capitalize on existing GIS resources by using open data tools to engage and communicate with your audiences.


Find the right app

Start making better decisions using any of these apps. Most of them come included with ArcGIS.



Transform the way you engage and collaborate with your community, use ArcGIS Hub to manage the content and share related data.



Share your authoritative information through public-facing websites for others to search and download data in a variety of open formats.



Choose from a comprehensive set of templates to quickly configure focused apps, for example for parcel editing or displaying social content.



Harness the power of maps to explore locations, events, and trends that matter. Empower your community by publishing their story.

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