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Whether you’re an operations manager who needs to see the location of assets or a market analyst interested in understanding consumer profiles in a targeted region, you can use ArcGIS Apps for the Office to make decisions that save money and time. Visualise your data in a geographic context and gain location-based insights that you would otherwise miss.

Find the right site for your business

Map your target customers, sales territories and potential sites.Combine them with demographic, lifestyle and spending data.Assess market feasibility and consumer profile for potential business sites and gain the business insights you’ve been missing.Find the sites that match your target market criteria and are most likely to be profitable.

Optimise your asset management

Map your assets, network, infrastructure and work orders to learn how they are interconnected. Augment with weather, topography, satellite imagery and field data. Know more about asset performance and personnel productivity. For example, identify customers affected by a broken water-line and trace the assigned work order. Get a real-time view of asset performance, maintenance history and inspections. Improve resource planning and reduce enterprise asset management operating costs.

Review and evaluate planning scenarios

Create realistic context and visualise your urban plans, architecture and designs in 3D. Understand where a proposed building blocks the view, casts shadows and reflects heat. Determine how a building proposal and its alternative scenarios fit into your city’s overall vision.

Monitor land use change

From understanding forest destruction and habitat loss to disaster response and environmental impact studies, you get the best visual context from satellite and drone-captured imagery. Visually compare your area of interest over time and quantify land use change. Perform analysis to extract more meaning. Use met data to know more about the imagery. Assess the impact of environmental changes and urban growth. Improve forestry management and operations. Know where to send emergency response crews. Manage vegetation encroachment.

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