Case studies

Transforming citizen services through efficiency

Kenya Open Data Initiative (opendata.go.ke), was Africa’s first online open government data portal, launched by the by the former President …


Exploring ArcGIS ModelBuilder for GIS Professionals

Spatial modeling plays a crucial role in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) by enabling professionals to automate complex geoprocessing tasks …

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Spatial Data Science: Extract Insights and Make Data-Driven Decisions

In today’s digital age, vast amounts of data are being generated every second from various sources, ranging from sensors and satellites to social media and... …

3D Analyst

Five Powerful Capabilities of ArcGIS 3D Analyst

ArcGIS 3D Analyst provides a suite of tools to create and analyze 3D terrain, enabling users to understand the topography of a given area. …


Aegir Consult Awarded Esri’s System Ready Specialty 

In December 2022, Aegir Consult was officially recognized as part of the ArcGIS System Ready Specialty. This accreditation is given to Esri partners who regularly adopt …

ArcGIS for professionals

Top Ten Reasons Why Professionals Should Get GIS Training

In today's data-driven world, professionals across a wide range of industries need to be able to analyze and interpret spatial data to make informed decisions. …

ArcGIS Pro can

3 Things ArcGIS Pro Can Do for You 

ArcGIS Pro has a modern and intuitive user interface that allows users to work more efficiently with maps, data, and tools. …


Helping farmers see the bigger picture.

Any farmer knows that their success or failure can hinge on a single good season. But how often do they see the big picture before planting their seed? …


Bringing Together the Power of GIS 

Friday 16th September 2022, Esri Eastern Africa and GIS limited entered a Memorandum of Understanding. …


Esri Eastern Africa and Fahari Aviation Take to the Skies

Wednesday 27 July 2022, Esri Eastern Africa, and Fahari Aviation (FAV) entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) towards closer collaboration. …

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Harness the power of spatial analytics

Imagine a world in which companies could improve their execution processes by dynamically calculating, assessing, and refining the way they dispatch their sales staff based on spatial location. …

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Know your options when it comes to GIS data formats

This article will get you started by teaching you about several commonly used GIS file formats for vector data and raster data formats… …

ArcGIS Survey 123 new image

Simplify your data collection efforts with ArcGIS Survey 123 

ArcGIS Survey 123 is a fast and easy way to gather outdoor survey data. Survey123 helps you collect data in the field with your phone... …