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MApp Challenge is a competition for interdisciplinary young students aimed at using spatial data to generate solutions with a significant impact on global challenges. The hackathon will be a full day’s event that will be on the first day of the Pre-Conference. Participants will be invited to develop innovative high-impact ideas, projects, services and/or tools capable of meeting demands and solving problems spatially. Participants will leverage various developing tools available in the Esri platform.

Themes for the Challenge
Thematic areas have been chosen for the first Esri Eastern Africa Map hackathons around the Education User Conference theme of Sustainable Development.
There are a number of measures that can be used to measure the level of Development of a place.  These measures can be classified under a number of themes. Participants can develop solutions under these classifications which include:

  • Social challenge – relating to the development of the people of the place. These can be mapping applications that can help solve issues affecting societies of communities such as living standards, smart cities and health related factors.
  • Economic challenge– relating to the finances and wealth of the place. Participants here can focus on ways to improve the economy through applications for various sectors including but not limited to agriculture, infrastructure, small and large scale businesses.
  • Environmental challenge– relating to the quality of people’s air, water, soil etc. These can be issues affecting the environment nationally or globally such as climate change, early warning disaster systems etc.

How to Participate

  • Form a team, of one up to 5 people and come up with an idea.
  • Once you have your idea create a concept (250 words max) and register your team.
  • When registering submit a concept of your idea focusing on the challenge you want to solve, the thematic area of your solution, what ArcGIS software/applications you will leverage, the impact of your solution and value proposition.
  • You can start working on your apps before or on the day of the hackathon.
  • Show up for the Hack on 20th September 2017
Rules to Participate

  • Participants are required to use spatial data/maps to create apps around them that seek to solve problems around the chosen themes.
  • One can ask for assistance in obtaining relevant data or generate dummy data for the demo.
  • Participants should leverage the Esri platform and could develop around the desktop software, online or server. They can develop apps, story maps, or even automated scripts that can be used in GIS workflows



  1. Developers and students can participate in the hackathon for the chance to win amazing prizes
  2. Anyone who works with Esri Eastern Africa or any Esri distributor and their immediate family are not eligible for participation.

Criteria for Judging
Proposals will be assessed by a multidisciplinary jury according to their creativity, practicality, social impact, innovation. Proposal will be judged based on the following criteria:

  1. Originality of the idea
  2. Level of creativity and styling
  3. Relevance to the theme and practicality of the solution.
  4. Development on the platform and use of spatial data