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Empowering leaders with location intelligence

As a leading location intelligence platform provider (Forrester Wave 2020), Esri empowers visionary leaders with innovative tools to help create sustainable
prosperity. Esri’s customers drive digital transformation by embracing the power of location, starting with three steps.


Looking to other leaders

When the world’s leading organizations need data visualization tools that add new understanding to projects, they rely on Esri. A pioneer in GIS for over 50 years, Esri’s mapping technology offers multidimensional, visual context that supercharges digital transformation.


Asking the right questions

Modern trailblazers know that data and information aren’t enough. Innovation only happens when you ask the right questions. With location intelligence, strategic leaders can go beyond “What’s happening? How do I react?” to “Where can I find new insights?” and “What’s next?”


Understanding the power of “where”

As challenges become more complex, high-performing organizations use location intelligence to get a multidimensional picture of the connections between human activities and the environment. Seeing how systems interact spatially is how leaders harness the power of where.

Direct Relief

Leading the COVID-19 response with location intelligence

Direct Relief specializes in solving supply chain problems during emergencies. After hearing early warnings from China about a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Direct Relief leaders turned to Esri to quickly respond.


Tracking the pandemic

Direct Relief used global awareness and location intelligence to help 50 institutions in China acquire masks, gloves, and other PPE.


Breaking bottlenecks

In the US, Direct Relief partnered with community health centers and free clinics, supplying PPE to handle the overflow of cases from hospitals.


Looking ahead

Direct Relief analyzes demographic data, disease spread, and treatment facility locations to anticipate where help is needed most.


Fruit of the Loom

Bringing a data science edge to Fruit of the Loom

At Fruit of the Loom, the use of location intelligence brought data-driven decision-making to the forefront. One project helped generate an estimated 20 percent savings in shipping costs.


Leveraging data science

Using smart maps and simulations instead of traditional spreadsheets empowers Fruit of the Loom decision-makers with clarity and confidence.


Visualizing the supply chain

With location intelligence, the company saves on shipping costs by streamlining networks and relocating products among distribution centers.


Going against tradition and intuition

The team used data science to reveal counterintuitive conclusions, tailoring each store’s inventory to the needs of local customers.

John Deere

Transforming data into a competitive advantage

John Deere, the world’s largest agricultural equipment maker, relies on data to help its dealers spot growth opportunities. Using AI-powered GIS, analysts can visualize billions of data points to find revenue-generating patterns a human alone or nonspatial tools couldn’t detect.


Defining the new age of agriculture

As farming evolves into precision agriculture, John Deere is using data to help its dealers determine which markets will perform best.


Turning market development into a science

John Deere forms action plans based on location intelligence from sales data, demographics, satellite imagery, and competitive insight.


Seeing the future of farming and retail

John Deere stays ahead of the competition by using location data to support retail dealer investments with a foundation of objective analysis.


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