Advanced ENVI Spectral Analytics

$ 750.00

Advanced ENVI Spectral Analytics

Duration: 5days



Discover the power of the spectral analysis tools that make ENVI the industry leader in hyperspectral imagery exploitation. Hyperspectral data analysis allows the identification of materials on the Earth’s surface due to the detailed sampling of the electromagnetic spectrum by hyperspectral sensors. This intensive three-day course focuses first on understanding the theory behind hyperspectral imaging, and then challenges the student to apply the theory with ENVI’s advanced analysis and mapping algorithms.


  • Perform analysis and derive different results for decision making.
  • Perform whole pixel and sub-pixel-based analysis.
  • Use hyperspectral data to perform analysis.
  • Use different methods for Image mosaicking.
  • Detect change from different images. Use regions of interest and classification.
  • Work with spectral libraries.
  • Preprocess data before using it in any application.


Introduction to ENVI Analytics, this is an advanced ENVI Class and a working knowledge of ENVI is desirable.