Value Added Services

Get more out of your GIS Investment

In line with Esri Eastern Africa’s customer service charter and commitment in assisting you to make the most out of your GIS investment, the Professional Services team run the Value-Added Services Program, whose main objective is to work with customers to ensure they make maximum utilization of ESRI products. The services are provided to the clients to assist them in familiarizing with the product to improve on efficiency in their specific industries using the ArcGIS product acquired.
Our staff will contact you once you purchase an Esri product or training services with a detailed information of the services you are entitled to.

Value Added Services Program offers implementation services, training and loyalty program gifts to ESRI Eastern Africa clients.The services will include either of the following depending on the type of ArcGIS product or training services acquired:

Implementation Services

Assistance is offered in the following areas to help you get started with ESRI products and familiarize with the ArcGIS platform.

  • Activation of ArcGIS Online.
  • Configuration of the ArcGIS online organization homepage.
  • Adding users to the ArcGIS online and establishing their roles.
  • Support in the use of ESRI web applications and data collection applications.
  • Installation, authorization and configuration with the DBMS of choice.
  • Installation and Configuration of Portal for ArcGIS.
Training Services

The goal is to assist you acquire the necessary knowledge in the following courses applicable in your day to day operations using ArcGIS.

  • Training on introduction to GIS.
  • Training on Essential Workflows with ArcGIS.
  • Training on sharing Content on the Web.
  • Training on ArcGIS Online (Administrator, Publisher or Viewer Workflows).
  • Training on ArcGIS Online Site Administration and Configuration.
  • Attendance to training seminars and workshops.
Loyalty Program

Esri Eastern Africa will offer any of the following entitlements:

  • Loyalty program gifts.
  • Attendance of the ESRI EA User Conference.
  • Base data on a CD/DVD for the market region.
  • ArcGIS Platform or Desktop Trial for 21 days.