Working with Parcel Data in ArcGIS Pro

$ 600.00

Working with Parcel Data in ArcGIS Pro

Duration: 4days



Modernize land records data management.

This course teaches how to maintain accurate, up-to-date, and authoritative parcel data using ArcGIS Parcel Fabric and ArcGIS Pro. You will learn a standard workflow to create a parcel fabric in a file geodatabase, add parcel data to the fabric, and edit parcels to reflect real-world changes. This course assumes familiarity with land-records terminology.


  • Configure the ArcGIS Parcel Fabric environment.
  • Edit parcel geometry, measurements, attributes, and labels in a branch versioning environment.
  • Track parcel history and lineage to represent land record changes over time.
  • Publish a parcel fabric as a feature service to ArcGIS Enterprise so that up-to-date parcel data is available to everyone in your organization who needs it.


Completion of Creating and Editing Data with ArcGIS Pro or equivalent knowledge.