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Working with Lidar Data in ArcGISOverview This course introduces light detection and ranging (lidar) data concepts, collection methods, quality-control considerations, and common applications. Techniques to manage, edit, visualize, and share lidar-derived 2D and 3D information products using ArcGIS Pro are covered.Imagery and Remote Sensing$300.00
Working with Geometric Networks for UtilitiesOverview This course teaches how to accurately model a utility network so that your organization can more efficiently manage network assets, quickly respond to network outages, and deliver better customer service. Working with realistic electric, gas, and water/wastewater data, you will create and edit geometric networks and perform common analysis tasks.Industry-Focused$300.00
Using ArcGIS for Water Utility WorkflowsOverview The courses focuses on implementing ArcGIS for Water Utilities. It provides guidance to new or current customers who are seeking to implement the ArcGIS platform in their organization. The course is  built around Esri solution workflows that demonstrate how the common patterns of GIS are applied and can benefit a water utility.Industry-Focused$450.00
Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS ProLearn essential concepts and a standard workflow you can apply to any spatial analysis project. You will work with a variety of ArcGIS tools to explore, analyze, and produce reliable information from data. Course exercises use an Advanced license of ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS 3D Analyst, ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, and ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst.Spatial Analytics$600.00
Sharing GIS Content using ArcGIS | 3 daysLearn how to efficiently share a variety of geospatial resources to an ArcGIS Online organizational site or ArcGIS Enterprise portal website. This course teaches how to publish high-performing services that extend ArcGIS mapping and analytics capabilities across your organization. Course attendees receive a free e-Book copy of Getting to Know Web GIS, third edition.Sharing & Collaboration$450.00
Putting ArcGIS to use Across your OrganizationGet a comprehensive introduction to The ArcGIS platform components and capabilities. In this course, you explore ArcGIS apps used for mapping and visualization, data collection and management, spatial analytics, collaboration and sharing. Discover how the ArcGIS platform helps organizations address common business challenges and apply location-based insights to streamline operations and improve decision making.ArcGIS Foundation$600.00
Migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS ProThis course introduces essential ArcGIS Pro terminology and prepares you to be productive right away. You will learn how to efficiently complete a variety of tasks related to mapping; editing; analyzing; and sharing data, maps, and other geospatial resources.ArcGIS Foundation$600.00
Managing Geospatial Data in ArcGISOverview Learn essential geodatabase concepts and develop the skills needed to create a geodatabase, add data to it, and efficiently manage your organization’s geographic data over time. You will learn how to take advantage of the unique geodatabase features that help ensure your organization’s data integrity. This course is taught using ArcGIS Pro.Data Collection & Management$450.00
Introduction to Geo-Processing Scripts Using PythonOverview Reduce the time spent on complex and repetitive workflows, so you can focus on GIS work that can't be automated. This course teaches how to create Python scripts for key ArcGIS workflows and share them, so they are accessible to others.Scripting and Application Development$600.00
Introduction to ENVI AnalyticsOverview Do you need to quickly get up-to-speed on the full-featured functionality offered by ENVI, the premier remote sensing exploitation package? As an Image Analyst ENVI’s workflows and tools is very essential for your image analysis.Imagery and Remote Sensing$750.00
Implementing Versioned Workflows in a Multiuser GeodatabaseLearn a sound versioning workflow that minimizes disruption to editors, ensures the integrity of your organization's GIS data, and integrates well with existing business workflows. This course explores a variety of versioned editing workflows and examines how versioning decisions impact data accuracy and database performance.Database and Server Management$600.00
Imagery Analysis with ArcGISOverview In this course, you will learn the skills to visualize and analyze raster data for use in your organizational studies. You will learn the fundamental processes behind raster analysis with raster functions, and how to use the derived information to answer analysis questions about what has changed and then assess what is happening nowImagery and Remote Sensing$450.00
Get Started with Insights for ArcGISThis course prepares you to work with Insights for ArcGIS to dynamically visualize and analyze data from multiple sources on maps, charts, tables, and more. You will learn how to define a workflow to investigate a spatial problem, interactively apply analysis tools, and share your insights across the enterprise.Spatial Analytics$450.00
Field Data Collection and Management using ArcGISOverview Learn how ArcGIS supports a complete field data management workflow—from the office to the field, in the field, and back to the office. You will learn best practices to configure and deploy ArcGIS field-productivity apps to meet your data-collection needs. You will have the opportunity to use your own iOS or Android device to complete some course exercises.Data Collection & Management$450.00
Extracting Information from LiDAR DataOverview This course focuses on using the ENVI FX module to display 3-D point cloud imagery and manipulating the data. ENVI FX supports most common LiDAR formats such as LAS, Binary, ASCII, and NITF LiDAR.  ENVI FX automatically extracts 3D features from LiDAR point clouds such as buildings, trees, power lines, and power poles.Imagery and Remote Sensing$300.00
Editing Data with ArcGIS DesktopOverview To produce GIS maps and analysis results that support informed decision-making, accurate data is essential. This course teaches methods to accurately create and maintain data stored in a geodatabase. You will learn a recommended workflow for data automation and practice with tools and techniques that help ensure data integrity during editing.Data Collection & Management$450.00
Editing and Maintaining Parcels using ArcGISOverview Are you interested in learning techniques and the best practices to efficiently store, edit and ensure the accuracy of land records data? Using the ArcGIS parcel-fabric and local government information model, this course uses recommended workflows to perform and automate many common parcel-editing tasks.Data Collection & Management$450.00
Distributing Data using Geodatabase ReplicationOverview This course teaches best practices to plan and implement geodatabase replication to support multiuser editing workflows and data-sharing initiatives. Learn how to protect the integrity and performance of your production database while meeting the needs of desktop, mobile, and online users.Database and Server Management$450.00
Developing Web Apps Using ArcGIS API for JavaScriptOverview This course teaches how to use ArcGIS API for JavaScript to efficiently build high performing, engaging web applications that meet the needs of the intended audience.Scripting and Application Development$450.00
Designing Maps with ArcGISAre you interested in designing attractive maps through application of standard cartographic workflows? This is a workflow-oriented course that focuses on essential cartographic principles using ArcGIS for Desktop that enables users to design, evaluate and publish high quality maps.Mapping & Visualization$450.00
Deploying Portal for ArcGISOverview Learn recommended workflows and best practices to install, configure and deploy Portal for ArcGIS to meet your organization’s need for private, secure geospatial content sharing. The course introduces portal for ArcGIS Components and architecture models that support web GIS workflows. Techniques to ensure Portal security and availability are covered.Database and Server Management$450.00
Deploying and Maintaining a Multiuser GeodatabasePrepare to successfully create a multiuser geodatabase to store and manage your organization's geographic data. Learn about the multiuser geodatabase architecture, configuration options, and techniques to efficiently load data, assign user privileges, and maintain performance over timeDatabase and Server Management$600.00
Creating Story Maps using ArcGISThanks to their engaging user experience, story maps have achieved mass appeal as a vehicle to inform the public, engage stakeholders, and inspire an audience. This course—for anyone that wants to communicate with maps—teaches the concepts, best practices, and decisions that need to be made when creating and sharing a story mapMapping & Visualization$300.00
Creating Maps and Visualizations with ArcGISLearn fundamental cartographic design principles and a standard workflow to produce print and online maps tailored to their purpose, medium, and intended audience. This course teaches ArcGIS Pro techniques to create and share a variety of professional-quality information products including print maps, web maps, 3D scenes, animations, and charts.Mapping & Visualization$450.00
Creating and Managing Utility Networks with ArcGISOverview ArcGIS Utility Network Management, an extension to ArcGIS Enterprise, provides robust tools to model, visualize, edit, and analyze complex utility networks. This course—for GIS professionals who edit and analyze electric, gas, water, or telecommunications networks—introduces the utility network model in the enterprise geodatabase. Learn about the latest capabilities that organizations can leverage to better manage network assets, minimize network disruptions, and quickly respond to outages.Industry-Focused$450.00
Creating and Editing Data with ArcGIS ProOverview This course teaches best practices to create accurate geographic data and maintain it over time. You will get ample hands-on practice with a variety of ArcGIS Pro tools that streamline the editing process and decrease the potential for errors when updating your GIS database.Data Collection & Management$450.00
Configuring Web Apps using ArcGIS Web AppBuilderOverview Learn how to easily create intuitive, focused web apps that are accessible on desktop and mobile devices—without writing any code. This course shows how to take advantage of existing web maps, themes, and widgets to build apps that feature your organization's branding and deliver the functionality your users require.Scripting and Application Development$450.00
Building GeodatabasesOverview Are you an experienced ArcGIS user or data manager who wants to take advantage of geodatabase functionality to model features?  With Esri’s geodatabase models you have rich content, rules and behavior for easier data management and improved data validation.Data Collection & Management$600.00
ArcGIS Server: Site Configuration and AdministrationOverview Learn how to plan, configure, deploy, and manage an ArcGIS for Server system, that enables GIS content sharing across your Enterprise. You will explore the ArcGIS for Server architecture and practice applying recommended workflows to configure ArcGIS Server sites and manage GIS services, applications, and users. Techniques and best practices to ensure system performance and security are emphasized.Database and Server Management$600.00
ArcGIS Pro: Introduction to GIS Using ArcGISLearn fundamental concepts that underlie GIS technology and geographic data. In this course, you will gain experience using GIS maps to visualize and explore real-world features; analyze data to answer questions and create new information; and share maps, data, and other resources so they can be easily accessed throughout your organizationArcGIS Foundation$450.00
ArcGIS Pro: Essential WorkflowsIn this course, you will explore ArcGIS Pro capabilities as you become comfortable working with this new desktop application. The course emphasizes common GIS workflows and best practices to map, manage, analyze, and share GIS data and results you need to be productive with ArcGIS Pro.ArcGIS Foundation$600.00
ArcGIS Online: Essential WorkflowsThis course introduces web maps, apps, and other authoritative content that may be available through your ArcGIS Online organizational site. You will learn how to discover, use, create, and share content that infuses projects with geographic context, additional business intelligence, and visual impact.ArcGIS Foundation$300.00
ArcGIS Enterprise: Configuring a Base DeploymentOverview Learn administration essentials to install and configure an ArcGIS Enterprise base deployment that enables individuals to securely access, create, and share geospatial resources. You will learn how to license and install the four software components of a base deployment and ensure system security and performance.Database and Server Management$450.00
ArcGIS Enterprise: Administration WorkflowsOverview Master techniques to configure and maintain an ArcGIS Enterprise solution that meets your organization's business needs. You will learn about ArcGIS Enterprise architecture, server licensing roles and extensions, and the capabilities that support common GIS patterns of use. Best practices to manage servers, data, and services while ensuring system performance over time are covered.Database and Server Management$600.00
ArcGIS 4: Sharing Content on the webDid you know that ArcGIS supports sharing geographic content across multiple platforms so that it is accessible to everyone? Find out how to share your work as maps, globes, or geoprocessing tasks.Sharing & Collaboration$450.00
ArcGIS 3: Performing AnalysisLearn a standard workflow you can apply to any spatial analysis project. You will perform different types of analyses to efficiently create reliable results that support informed decision making. This course uses ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced (ArcMap) and some exercises use tools in the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension.Spatial Analytics$450.00
ArcGIS 2: Essential WorkflowsExplore a range of ArcGIS functionality and basic ArcGIS skills! In this course, you will acquire the skills to perform the most common ArcGIS workflows. Primarily using ArcMap, you will explore, manage, and analyze geographic data and create informative maps. Learn techniques to  effectively share your ArcGIS work with decision makers, colleagues, and the public.ArcGIS Foundation$600.00
ArcGIS 1: Introduction to GISCourse Duration: 3 days
This course introduces GIS concepts and ArcGIS tools used to visualize real-world features, discover patterns, and communicate information. Using ArcMap and ArcGIS Online, you will work with GIS maps, explore data, and analyze maps and data as you learn fundamental concepts that underlie GIS technology.
ArcGIS Foundation$450.00
Arc Hydro: GIS for Water ResourcesDuration: 3 days
This course presents the Arc Hydro data model and tools and shows how to implement them using a series of real-world examples. You will learn the basic principles of the Arc Hydro data model, how to extend it, and how the Arc Hydro tools manage and use the data model.
Advanced ENVI Spectral AnalyticsOverview Discover the power of the spectral analysis tools that make ENVI the industry leader in hyperspectral imagery exploitation. Hyperspectral data analysis allows the identification of materials on the Earth’s surface due to the detailed sampling of the electromagnetic spectrum by hyperspectral sensors. This intensive three-day course focuses first on understanding the theory behind hyperspectral imaging, and then challenges the student to apply the theory with ENVI’s advanced analysis and mapping algorithmsImagery and Remote Sensing$750.00
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