What is ArcGIS Online?

ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based mapping and analysis solution. Use it to make maps, analyze data, and to share and collaborate. Get access to workflow-specific apps, maps and data from Kenya, East Africa and around the globe, and tools for being mobile in the field. Your data and maps are stored in a secure and private infrastructure and can be configured to meet your mapping and IT requirements.

What can you do with ArcGIS Online?

Make maps, scenes, and apps

You can create maps by uploading your own data or dropping in your spreadsheet and mashing it up with other spatial-based data included in ArcGIS Online. Apart from creating web maps you can create 3D web scenes, and web apps. Through Map Viewer and 3D Scene Viewer, you can access a gallery of basemaps and smart styles for exploring and visualizing your data. You also have access to templates and widgets for creating web apps that you can publish to ArcGIS Online.

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Make Maps

Quickly create visually stunning maps

     Bring your own data


Adding your data to ArcGIS Online is simple. Just drag and drop a spreadsheet, upload a file, or connect to content you've stored in the cloud. You can also add location information to your data. Easily update your data without replacing files.

  • Drag-and-drop your spreadsheets
  • Upload files from your computer
  • Add content from the cloud
  • Update your data without replacing files

       Data driven visualization

Create visually stunning maps that tell your data’s story using Smart Mapping. Don’t worry about how to visualize your data - Smart Mapping suggests the best data classifications, colours and styles. You also have the flexibility to further explore your data, discover new patterns, and fine-tune the styling.

  • Smart suggestions for data-driven visualization
  • Custom styling choices
  • Flexibility to explore your data

          Suite of accurate basemaps​

You get a ready-made canvas for your data. ArcGIS Online includes a variety of basemaps to give context and personality to your data. Basemaps are also available in vector for flexible styling and high-quality resolution. It’s easy to switch among them, giving everyone a customised viewing experience.

  • Satellite imagery
  • Streets
  • Land and oceans
  • Many more


Share and collaborate


It's easy to share content with others inside and outside your organization. You can set up groups that are private and by invitation only, or public groups that are open to everyone. You can also share maps by embedding them in web pages, on blogs, in web apps, and through social media. Use focused apps to collaborate with colleagues in the field, office, or community.

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Share and Collaborate

Share maps with anyone, anywhere. Collaborate with colleagues to solve problems

Share your maps with colleagues & shareholders

Interactive maps are communication tools. They tell stories, share insights, and move people to ask questions. You can share your maps through a variety of channels.

  • Embed your map in a website, social media post or blog
  • Share your map in a variety of ready-to-use apps
  • Create and share your own apps using app builders or APIs
  • Include your maps in dashboards for a real-time view of people, assets, and events

Choose who sees your maps

Not all maps are made for the public. Some maps contain private information. Other maps are made to drive public awareness and action. You can choose exactly who sees your maps using the share settings in ArcGIS Online.

  • Just you - keep your maps private
  • Your groups - share maps with a specific group of people in ArcGIS Online
  • Your organization - share maps with everyone in your company
  • The world - allow anyone, anywhere to see your maps

    Collaborate to solve problems

    Work with your colleagues on mapping and analysis projects within ArcGIS Online’s collaborative environment. Your maps, data and apps will be readily accessible when shared with your group. Use specialized apps to work with colleagues in the field, office or community.

    Access ready-to-use maps

    ArcGIS Online includes interactive maps and 3D scenes that allow your entire organization to explore, understand, and measure your geographic data. Access ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, a dynamic collection of maps, scenes, data layers, imagery, analytics, and apps from the ArcGIS community.

    Analyze data

    Use the analysis tools included in Map Viewer to reveal new patterns, find suitable locations, enrich your data, find out what's nearby, and summarize your data.

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Analyse Data

Analyse data in the context of location

Understand your data

Analysis is an iterative process. Viewing your results on an interactive map makes it easy to adjust and tweak your analysis until you find the answers you need.

  • Analyse patterns to make predictions and determine next steps
  • Reveal relationships and outliers in your data
  • Join data located in multiple places or add a location element to your data

Find the best route or location

Are you looking for the best route? Are you hoping to save money by cutting travel costs? Are you ready to start or expand your business? Choosing the correct location is critical for success. Using the analysis tools in ArcGIS Online you can:

  • Discover locations that meet your requirements
  • Identify locations with similar characteristics of other locations
  • Map the demographics and population segments of potential and existing customers
  • Identify the optimum site to maximize profit and minimize customer travel

Learn more about your location

Looking to learn more about what is going on in your neighbourhood, city or county? Wondering how many people are impacted by an event? ArcGIS Online includes tools to help you understand what’s going on at any given location.

  • Gather information about people, places of interest and businesses
  • Identify the number and type of people or facilities within a certain number of miles
  • Estimate the number of people impacted by an event

Manage data

You can publish your data as web layers on ArcGIS Online. This frees up your internal resources, since these web layers are hosted in Esri’s cloud and scale dynamically as demand increases or decreases. You can add your layers to maps and allow others to use them as well. You can publish your data directly from ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Online and share the data with others.

Be mobile in the field

ArcGIS Online supports field activities. Take advantage of the built-in tools and apps to collect data, navigate, coordinate, and monitor projects. Create map areas for taking maps offline. Set up synchronization so offline editors can get the latest updates to the map. Access your organization from ArcGIS Companion, a mobile app that allows you to explore content, view groups, and more on the go


Develop custom apps

ArcGIS Online provides tools that let you build web, mobile, and desktop apps for any device, regardless of your developer experience. You can create apps using ArcGIS APIs, SDKs, and app builders, or choose from a variety of configurable apps. No matter how you choose to make them, your apps can deliver valuable content and services from ArcGIS Online to your users.


How do you access ArcGIS Online?

You can access ArcGIS Online through web browsers and mobile devices. You can also access it directly through other components of ArcGIS, including ArcGIS apps.

Sign in with your ArcGIS account to see a customized view of ArcGIS Online. You can see the people who are part of your subscription, and configure content and security settings so it make sense to your organization.

A public account is another way to access ArcGIS Online. These accounts are not associated with an organization and offer a limited set of functionalities. A public account allows you to use and create maps, and share your maps and apps with everyone publicly and is for noncommercial use only.