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Courses Classification


Instructor-led courses are offered at our Authorized Learning Centers (ALC) in Nairobi, Kenya and Arusha, Tanzania.

Our content delivery method focuses on interaction and skills application to ensure that learners acquire relevant and directly applicable workplace knowledge and skills.


Self-paced learning is designed for learners who want an independent training with flexible timings allowing them to decide on when and what they want to learn. This training is also for individuals who have existing knowledge on the use of the software and would like a refresher training on the latest platform updates.

Course Customization Services

We can customize our courses and programs to meet your organization’s needs. Each program we design is different; it is unique to your organization and your industry and needs. It is carefully crafted by our Professional services team to meet your specific goals and objectives

Industry Specific

Industry specific courses focus on teaching recommended workflows and provide hands-on practice using industry examples and data.The course is designed for both decision makers and technical people within the targeted industry/sector

You train, we reward

Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program is meant to reward our loyal customers through a variety of gift items ranging from custom water bottles to limited editions of various GIS books. You will be given a loyalty card on the first day of training to keep record of the number of days that you will have attended our instructor led training. These points are then redeemed based on our products list.

The more the points you accumulate, the more the gift items you get!

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