Geography provides a framework for problem-solving

Thousands of nonprofit entities and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) around the world use a geographic approach to advance their missions. This approach has a foundation in geographic information system (GIS) technology that enables faster data sharing, fluid collaboration, and decisive action. Viewing operations and outreach through a geographic lens elevates strategic business plans, enhances services, and promotes lasting change.

Gain a new perspective on your mission with GIS

Nonprofit organizations can apply a geographic approach to everything they do. GIS technology allows staff and volunteers to connect data based on geography and apply spatial thinking to decision-making. This unique perspective on creating, managing, analyzing, and mapping all types of data empowers teams to better communicate causes, understand communities, act on missions, and measure impacts. Use cloud-based and cost-effective tools to extend services, attract volunteers, expand and manage donor networks, and shape public policies.

Streamline workflows

ArcGIS is an enterprise business system that enables telecoms to modernize workflows with commercial off-the-shelf solutions for the field and office.

Inform decision-making

ArcGIS leverages the power of location to provide a foundation of geospatial awareness and intelligent decision-making throughout your organization.

Strengthen communication

ArcGIS connects stakeholders and allows the community to engage, collaborate, and share, with easy-to-use maps and apps.

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