ArcGIS Urban

Transforming urban planning and design

Issues like housing availability, sustainability goals, and economic changes are compelling cities to better plan for the future. ArcGIS Urban enables planners and design professionals to collaborate across teams with a web-based 3D application that supports scenario planning and impact assessment. ArcGIS Urban enables the digital transformation of city and regional planning to encourage collaboration with community stakeholders and help all groups work toward a more sustainable future.

Visualize projects citywide

Create, track, and review development projects with a digital twin of your city. Incorporating building information modeling (BIM) and other types of 3D information throughout the project review process gives planners and developers a common view of urban development guidelines and reduces the time required for building applications

Design 3D scenarios

ArcGIS Urban makes creating, editing, and managing land-use and zoning plans simple with an interactive 3D environment built with planners in mind. Evaluating the impact of zoning and land-use changes in a study area is key to saving time and money while balancing precious resources. Through detailed indicators and analytics, ArcGIS Urban also enables the creation of on-the-fly scenarios to help visualize the areas that would be impacted by proposed urban developments.

Guide change and measure impact

Incorporate data-driven land-use scenarios based on factors like population change, economic growth, and current zoning codes for a plan that is more resilient and responsive. By incorporating ArcGIS Urban into a comprehensive planning process, planners can more easily assess land-use changes to meet future demand.

Enable digital engagement

Clearly communicate proposals and increase buy-in by providing easy-to-understand visualizations and metrics. Reach new audiences and boost access to key demographic groups by incorporating online comments and surveys that increase public engagement.