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Jumpstart Services

Our Jumpstart Services program is designed to help you become self-sufficient in installing, implementing and managing the ArcGIS Platform. These services typically include knowledge transfer sessions and best practices for the use of the ArcGIS Platform. This program is also designed to accelerate implementation of the solution, while at the same time ensuring you have a solid knowledge foundation of the ArcGIS Platform.


The Jumpstart Services program is suited to any organization wanting to quickly get started with ArcGIS whether you are new to Esri or have your own existing Esri infrastructure.

Benefits to you will include:

  • Ensuring that you maximize your return on investment
  • Working closely with one of our Platform Configuration Engineers to come up with a workflow that best befits your organization.
  • Being trained on the best practices for working with ArcGIS Enterprise/ArcGIS Online.
  • Working with you to define your ArcGIS Enterprise/ ArcGIS Online Requirements and priorities.
  • Undertaking basic site theme configuration to match your organizations branding guidelines.
  • Setting up ArcGIS Enterprise/ ArcGIS Online Security.
  • Creating new users or setting up enterprise log in.
  • Setting up custom user roles that match your organizations data handling and system management policies.
  • Data migration – Publishing data, creating maps and setting up featured content.
  • Configuring and customizing applications using the available configurable templates, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS and Operations Dashboards.

Implementation Services

Location Enablement Services

We will work with your team to identify how your organization can best apply location intelligence using ArcGIS to improve efficiency of operations and better decision making. This will involve making an inventory of available resources, analyze your needs and determine priorities. This time can be thought of as a brain storming session to carefully review your organization’s mission and how GIS can effectively contribute to that mission now and into the future.

Field Mobility Customization Services

We offer comprehensive and customizable field mobility solutions that would enable you to use the power of location to improve coordination and operational efficiency in your field workforce activities. Our solutions will reduce or even replace reliance on paper, minimize data entry errors, increase productivity and reduce data collection costs.

Data Management Services

We recognize that data forms an integral aspect of your organization. This is why at Esri EA, we offer high level and specialized data management services which involve data schema design, development and maintenance of integrated data management systems that would enable you to incorporate the location aspect to your data

Design of Workflows and Processes

To further maximize your application of the ArcGIS Platform, we can help you design workflows that will improve efficiencies in GIS through optimization of operations, enable you work at the right time with the right tools, automate and standardize processes to make you work faster and more efficiently.

Map Composition

Maps form one of the most effective tools for visual communication of spatial data. At Esri EA, we have a team of experienced cartographers who will transform your GIS data into beautiful print or web maps for diverse applications.

Development Services

Need a customized high-performance application that suites to your need? Look no further than the ESRIEA professional services software development team. We are comprised of a highly qualified team certified within different Geographical Information Systems and Management Information Systems platforms with diverse experience in software development practices.

Web and Desktop Application Development

Our software developers have a wealth experience in building applications that leverage ArcGIS platform SDKs and APIs within various sectors. Our SDKs and APIs create rich interactive intelligent data visualizations in 2D or 3D that helps you gain insight into your data by understanding spatial relationships and patterns

Mobile Application Development

We design and develop powerful geo-enabled applications, highly usable native mapping and location analysis mobile apps that solve business problems. These apps run on all major operating systems such as iOS and Android.

Integration Services

Is your system geo-enabled? We integrate business systems and bring them to the geospatial world most importantly the world that solve your spatial problems, through the science of where, powered by our powerful SDKs and APIs.

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