• NonProfit

Making a difference in the community

Nonprofit organizations include non-commercial entitles working on humanitarian, conservation and community services programs which improve livelihood and environment. GIS has revolutionized the ability of these organizations to communicate the full scope of their work accurately, openly, comprehensively and in compelling visual fashion. ArcGIS for Nonprofits maps and apps empower donors and nonprofits with GIS solutions to support their missions around the world.

Planning and Program Allocation

“Where?” is a key question to answer whenever project planning is done. Before embarking on a project a nonprofit organizations needs to determine certain critical information about their geographical area of interest, especially to determine need and thus prioritize program allocation. This is key to effective project planning..

Monitoring & Evaluation Accuracy and Timeliness

Monitoring & Evaluation is an integral part of every project or program design. Monitoring requires timely, systematic and routine collection of data and information from projects and programs to measure progress towards objectives while evaluation analyzes data, from completed projects and programs (or completed phases), to assessment of changes in desired outcomes and inform decisions on improving the project or program in the future.

Soliciting Citizen Feedback

Most Nonprofit realize that engaging with the key project or program beneficiaries and other stakeholders during project planning and implementation is a critical success factor. Soliciting feedback from communities in which projects and programs are undertaken help nonprofits easily connect with the people they are serving making them better understand local issues, receive suggestions, ideas and comments which ultimately improves the effectiveness of their projects and programs interventions.